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[Nov 19th 2017]


hello! don't mind me, i'm just scrambling to get her together in the next two hours. this is drew shepherd, she's the local cassie sandsmark, and she's here to party! she's 27 years old (as of july 8th), working on her master's degree in (tbd), and she's a bostonite born and raised. her parents are two very famous archaeologists, who never paid her any attention so she acted out in an attempt to get them to dote on her. obviously, that was just massively unhealthy instead, and she ended up being sent to a boarding school for her trouble, whoops. i haven't decided what she's studying, but i think she's one of those perpetual student types who wants to never stop learning, so any suggestions would be great! drew is very well put together and doesn't leave her house unless she's dressed well, hair done, etc. but she's also the first person to suggest a dive bar or a camping trip. she's also a mom friend in party friend clothing, and she's gonna always make sure you get home safe and that you have a bottle of water beside you. she's also a little bossy, sorry.

lines wise she has two childhood friends, [info]hellsgate and [info]zooming! i want some exes, a best best friend, maybe a relative of some sort, all the titans/young justice folks. people (male or female) she's hooked up with, a neighbor she bugs constantly, i'm up for anything!
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[Nov 18th 2017]


Well, let’s get right into it, shall we? I’m hoping to bring in Dahlia Torres, her CV counterpart being Donna Troy. Dahlia is originally from Pittsburgh and spent most of her youth in various group and private homes in the foster care system. Most of the experiences weren’t exactly positive ones, but Dahlia liked to say she learned important lessons about life and people from each situation she found herself in. She definitely had a deep seeded desire to do something positive with her life, and that determination saw her through college where she graduated from NYU for photography. After the death of her college boyfriend, Dahlia decided to change scenery and move to Boston, which is where she’s been stationed for about five years now. Dahlia isn’t exactly someone easy to read when you first meet her. She’s sarcastic and has a dark humor/outlook most of the time, but it’s become her own weird way of navigating sentimental conversation and interacting in general. Dahlia certainly warms up to people after awhile and because of her past, she treats her closest friends like family.

Line-wise, I have a few things cemented and other stuff still waiting to get fleshed out. Dahlia is close friends with both [info]hellenic and [info]caped. [info]spideys is her favorite bartender and she is a childhood friend of [info]destructible. If you want to brainstorm a line, let’s talk! I’d love more Teen Titans and JLA connections, but I am certainly open to practically everything right now.
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[Nov 18th 2017]


hola, lineart! i bring you a similar face and character with a different cv in hopes to get her involved and connected more. this is gemma decosta, otherwise known in the comic verse as fire: a member of the justice league international. i've been remiss in getting her interacting as much as i would like, so i'm hoping with this fresh cv and fresh connections that she'll be more than just a workaholic nerd. the short synopsis: gemma is originally from las vegas, she moved to boston when she was a teenager. she's the fifth child out of six to her mexican american dad and brazilian american mom, so they were a very boisterous crew with lots of love and drama abounding in their home. her dad, however, left the family when she was in high school. though he was emotionally and verbally (sometimes physically) abusive, she'd always been a daddy's girl so this left a big impact. cue her trying to fill that void for years and years. she traveled, she was in the peace corps, she was a serial monogamous dater, and she even followed in her dad's career path as a cop with the bpd. now she's working in security at trevisan international. she's much healthier these days after taking the last 6 years to work through her issues.

personality wise: she's an ambivert with extroverted tendencies to the point that most people would not guess she loves being alone. she's very friendly, outgoing, goofy, and loves to make people laugh. she enjoys big gatherings because it's the culture she grew up in with her family, and she loves cooking all the mexican food. she's very work minded, but she also loves games and kicking back to have fun. she even teaches vocal lessons on the side because she's been singing since she was in diapers and used to want to be a performer.

i really want her to be more social, so i'd love to get her connected to more people, inside and outside of her age bracket. right now she has friends with the other jli folks: [info]gadgetry, [info]tora, & [info]skeets. and a childhood friend in [info]willring. i know there were a couple other people she was meant to have connections with that i've utterly failed at fostering, either pre-planned or organic, so let's rehash and jump into things afresh! she can use everything.
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i'm a babbling mess, please excuse me. [Nov 16th 2017]


hi guys! this is poor lil gwen stacy/spider-gwen at your service. she's mostly known as maxine or max, 23 years old, and can be found working as a bartender for [info]icebergs' mathis tavern alongside [info]blindfolds! she's been living in boston for about 2 to 3 years so she's still fairly new to her surroundings! and although her dad's side resides in boston, she's never visited. her dad moved to boston once again 4 years ago and is a retired captain that started in the bpd, recruited by the nypd, and then back to the bpd when he relocated back to boston. she can be found in music stores on her free time pretending to buy drums or a new ukulele. and if she's seen on campus she's probably reciting whatta man by salt n pepa over and over again or listening and doing some interpretive dancing to bowie on her way to work/class. she has two cats named dolly parton and chaka khat, who she believes are her best friends and talks to them about not being sure what the hell she wants to do with her life.

she's very shy but she claims that she's a "social butterfly" which means she has a habit of lying about the dumbest things. she loves watching criminal shows and fascinated with the minds of serial murderers and understanding the hive mind thanks to that one psychology class she took her first semester. she was on several awkward dates with [info]kang before realizing that cat talk is not something people want to talk about when they're getting to know each other. [info]stinger is supportive in her quest to find her one true passion to succeed in life, and she makes fun of millennials with the lovely [info]prodigy (although she is 100 percent guilty of playing that kim kardashian game for a whole month).

i'd love some neighbors, people who are willing to help her explore boston, fellow musicians, some exes (boys or girls) she probably has written really emo songs about, people on the force who would probably know her because of her dad, cat lovers, animal lovers, lovers in general. give it to me all, i'll probably agree to everything.
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[Nov 16th 2017]


Hello everyone! I’ll try to keep this as short as possible. I’m bringing you all Betsy/Psylocke as Bobbi English, a 32 year old media consultant. Bobbi was born and raised at a Japanese orphanage until she was 5. She was fortunate enough to be adopted by a wealthy British couple and since then has lived a lavish life. She was formerly a model and a charter pilot (similarly to Psylocke). You can read more about why here. All was going great until one day, her parents and her youngest brother unexpectedly died in a house fire. To cope, Bobbi turned to excessive partying and reckless spending. After nearly destroying her and her family’s name in London as well as severely hurting her bank account, she realized she needed a fresh start elsewhere. She moved to the States/Boston using school as an excuse. Although she did graduate last year with a Public Relations degree from BU and is now pursuing a MBA at Harvard Business School. The not tl;dr version is basically that Bobbi’s just a lost rich girl trying to finally adult and rebuild what she’s lost both emotionally and financially. Since moving to Boston, she’s kept quiet about her family background and wealth in hopes of living out a “normal” life and rebuilding what she’s lost emotionally, financially, etc.

Right now she has lines with [info]grafts as his company’s media consultant and best friend. She is also friends with [info]rains through community service/philanthropic efforts, [info]glowing’s fashion model turned best friend, and [info]languages’ gym buddy/friend. I would really love to get whatever I can for Bobbi! Fellow Brits, friends, hook-ups/flings, exes, etc. DC or Marvel, let’s get creative!
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[Nov 16th 2017]


Hi everyone! Aster Trifid (Attie) is a 28 year old Forest Services Aviator living in Jamaica Hills. She was born in Inverness, and raised in Kodiak, Alaska. She’s an only child and is used to solitude, but would enjoy hiking, kayaking, swimming, and cross-country skiing companions! Her full bio can be found here. She also loves to fly, so taking people in airplanes requires very little excuse. She’s a bit of a gym rat, and does both kickboxing and yoga. She is cousin to [info]greenwarrior and [info]novastar, and I’d love to see her meet and interact with people outside of her gene pool too! She attended the engineering college of Boston University, so any old roommates or study pals, as well as new acquaintances would be lovely! Unlike her CV counterpart, Nebula, Attie is very community-minded, so I envision her volunteering during her downtime, perhaps at the local library, and likely working with kids or seniors in the summers at the pond. She would also be very interested in a camping buddy!
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[Nov 15th 2017]


hey-ho, i'm making this really short and sweet so i don't miss out on adds! i'm bringing in namor in the guise of "jonah amor". he goes by "jay", is 42 and was raised in hawaii and is also an ex-surfer, ex-marine and ex-husband with an 18 year old daughter. his full biography can be found here. but sparknotes version is, he's a jack of all trades that's really good at intimidating people. after leaving the marines, he set up his own private security firm and has been working for all kinds of vip's and high society types to keep them and their interests safe. these days, he runs the show from his office, but in certain cases, he will get personally involved. before he got himself established, he moved across the east coast working as a doorman at various nightclubs and eventually got a stint working security at the olympic village in beijing 2008. from there, he earned his good rep and amassed enough cash to set up shop. even though he's got more money than he's ever dreamed of, jay is all about the hustle and he's constantly grinding away at something or other. he’s ambitious and wants to build an empire that he can be proud of but he's terrible at relationships. he’s a loyal friend to those he cares about and at his core, he can be really sensitive and gentle. jay’s natural habitat is the gym and the sea and in his spare time, he likes to paint. he’s not about to win any prizes for his art though.

anyway, i've got things brewing with [info]magnetic, [info]glowing, [info]shifty and [info]watersheds but i lost my pbads post, so i'm here for plotting with those mentioned and setting things up with anyone else. gimme all your lines.
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word association, let's go. [Nov 15th 2017]

are you sleeping through the night
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narrative; cv weeks [Nov 9th 2017]

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narrative; backstory [Nov 9th 2017]

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[Nov 8th 2017]


evening, everyone! i'm bringing in lukas kane, alter ego of flyboy hal jordan. i'll keep it short and succinct because i turn into a windbag with these sorts of things, but much like his comic personality he's a swashbuckling thrill seeker. rather than flying dangerously he drives dangerously. up until a few years ago he was a professional formula 1 race car driver and currently enjoying a controversial hiatus from the sport he loves to, well, not do much. he's rudderless and going through a way to early competetive & pre-mid life crisis. not that anyone would know that since he likes to hide that behind a thin front of partying and a wildly irresponsible bachelor lifestyle. he is a boston native so i'd love this to be a homecoming of sorts for him where he's trying to surround himself with childhood friends and other people he knows. for obvious reasons i'd love something with all the jla folks, but i'd like to branch out with some organic or planned lines with the marvel people too.
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