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who's going to help me test that last one for accuracy? [Jul 21st 2017]

bless us with your presence and your paranoia
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[Jul 18th 2017]


So uhhhh... How about someone a little obscure? I'm working on bringing in Mao Senri, AKA Japanese hero The Most Excellent Superbat.

He's young, egocentric, popculture obsessed, and very much an attention whore. He had a rather wild and crazy upbringing with his drug dealing, party going, stripper/prostitute mom. She got herself arrested, and Mao got by with his wily street smarts, dabbling in a bit of petty thievery and sometimes DJing. Luckily for him, before he had to lower himself to getting a real job and living in the real world, his rich father back in Japan kicked the bucket and he got a buttload for an inheritance. That hasn't really changed his life much as he has no idea what to do with the money aside from waste it on cool looking crap.

There isn't a club he hasn't tried to weasel into, and he can smell a party a mile away. He loves to dance, loves to brag, and loves to show off. If he isn't partying, he's at an arcade or mall, or roaming around Newbury Street.

He needs friends, enemies, people who might have known his mother, other dumb club kids, people to subject to his laughably vulgar and unsexy flirtation tactics, and uhhh... anything else that might strike your fancy? Lemme hear it!
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I can't be the only one in 'wtf' mode [Jul 17th 2017]

[ music | The Who - and what the hell is going on? ]

I woke up in a Soho doorway, A policeman knew my name.He said "You can go sleep at home tonight If you can get up and walk away" I staggered back to the underground And the breeze blew back my hair I remember throwing punches around And preaching from my chair
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[Jul 16th 2017]


In light of my PB change for Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost, I'm throwing her out there once more to refresh some lines as well as come up with some new ones before I go ahead and update her directory.

I have Kate Frost here, 30 years old and originally from Pittsburgh, PA. Her mother who was once a famous model wanted Kate to follow in her footsteps. However, Kate instead followed her father's hoping to one day inherit his scientific research facility, Frost Labs. With this in mind, she went away at age 18 to attend BU to earn a degree in Biomedical Engineering. After earning her Bachelor's and then her PhD, she found it in her best interest to continue living in Boston for family and job related reasons.

Job-wise, Kate is currently a Research Assistant Professor at BU and a Research Scientist at Mass. General's CEM.

Personality-wise, Kate is more like Caitlin Snow and less like Killer Frost although she does have some qualities that reflect Killer Frost's. Similarly to Caitlin, Kate's proud of being a young and brilliant scientist and takes a lot of pride in her work. She's loyal to her life's routine (which can explain her workaholic attitude) as well as to those important to her. While Kate is a fact-oriented realist who values the truth, she often finds herself emotionally driven which can lead her to sometimes be manipulative much like her CV counterpart, Killer Frost. Kate is usually reserved but with some time and patience as well as trust, she can and will open up -- to the point where yes, she will agree to get drunk and dance horribly on tables at the bar with your character. 👀

This is a mess because I'm terrible at writing up storyline posts but yeah, let's discuss! Friends, frenemies, exes and flings of either gender, etc. Give me everything and anything.
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narrative. [Jul 16th 2017]


 the kids ain't alright. . )

[Jul 15th 2017]


hi guys. i bring you bonita da costa aka fire. she's a hot-headed, thirty-four year old brazilian model turned businesswoman. at the moment, though it might be subject to change, she's working alongside her father and brothers at the family's tech company that mostly focuses on technology for new automobiles and transportation around the world. she's sexually fluid, as straightforward as they come and loyal to the point where she might just duel to the death for her friends. so if you get on her bad side, heaven help you, but if you're one of her true blues, you'll have all six feet of her temperamental ass wanting to protect you. her bio's here if you wanna know a lil more.

at the moment she's a mostly blank slate aside from having an ex in [info]gadgetry, a long-time friendship with [info]tora and something in the works with [info]skeets. so she could use, possibly, a roommate (male or female) and neighbors, exes of either gender, family if she could somehow fill a line there, friends of varying degrees, maybe even some frenemies for dramatic fun, a fwb or two and possible co-workers if i venture her away from her family's company at some point. basically, any and all lines are welcome, no matter the universe. so in the sentiment of one jimi hendrix, just c'mon and stand next to her fire.
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do you love surprises? [Jul 15th 2017]

[ music | I loved this surprise ]

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[Jul 14th 2017]


hey, how's it goin'? before i get down with the bio writing, let's chat. i'm bringing in vincent yung aka onomatopoeia. he's 28, born and raised in orange county and is the youngest of three. looks like a bad boy, but is really fun-loving and a pretty nice guy once you get past the tattoos, colorful hair, piercings, and better-than-thou stare. he's got a keen eye for art which is what he ended majoring in when he went to college, going against the grain of what his intellectual parents have careers in. his move out to boston came from a prospective job offer after he showed a couple of art pieces that he did at a student art gallery before he graduated. he made the move and worked as an art curator before he found out that some his work was being passed off as someone else's. pissed and out a small couple grand of what he would've made, he quit and tried to sue. with no physical evidence that the works were even his, nothing came out of it. feeling robbed, he turned to street racing, something that he did every now and then back in california. he participated in legal and illegal races less for the money (although it helped a lot) and for more the freedom to vent by burning rubber. after getting cited a few times, he realized that he was handling his frustrations all wrong. with the money he earned, he opened up a small tattoo parlor, making his art on human canvases instead of canvases that could easily be stolen and passed off as someone else's work. success from the parlor enabled him to pursue his other passion in music. by night, he's a dj at a few clubs, occasionally coming up with his own stuff to play and get word out on his own material. these days, he still races, though it's more for fun and friendly competition than it is for money, but it's not like he'd turn it down.

as far as lines, he's ~kyujutsu's former roommate and he has a friendship from way back when with ~harlequins. he also has club goers in ~missmartian and ~zooming, and the occasional arm candy in ~brightlicity when he's racing. other club goers, car aficionados, clients at his tattoo parlor, art nuts who might've paid some green to get a custom installation art piece done (because he's paranoid about people stealing his shit, he won't paint on canvas or anything that's easily portable, though he will custom paint something on a vehicle), and whatever else you wanna throw at me. if anyone wants to beef up lines for more depth, i'm up for that.
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[Jul 10th 2017]


Okay I'm still picking at his bio because I can't leave well enough alone, but it's probably past time for me to do this post! This is Bastien Allard aka Bart Allen, little bundle of endless energy.

So. He's 23, turning 24 at the end of the month, a Boston native. When not in front of the television playing video games, most of his childhood was spent on soccer teams, in gymnastics classes, and at whatever random camp or after school activity his mom could toss him into. After living here until he was 13, his family moved to Louisiana because of drama involving his father being arrested. He lived there until he eventually got his biology degree and managed to snag a job as a forensic trainee in the Massachusetts crime lab. Which means he's been back in town for close to 2 years now. Personality-wise, he's really about what you'd expect - friendly, willing to talk your ear off, hopeless dork, energetic, difficult to keep focused, eager, but as friendly as he is he's slow to trust (he's really great at deflecting with humor or redirecting if conversations get too personal).

I need basically everything for him! People who knew him as a kid, an older guy and/or girl he had an awkward crush on as a young teen, a childhood bff he managed to stay in touch with, people he knows through work, friends, roommates (idek where he lives help), running buddies, fellow gamers, horror movie enthusiasts, science nerds, dog owners so he can snuggle your puppy, and any random connection I haven't thought of yet. Talk to me about your character and we'll figure something out!
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[Jul 10th 2017]


sorry for being on ya'lls fp with yet another lines post. decided to take it a step further after a rename, new journal layout, and directory. could use the help with rehashing any lines still lingering for this chick and coming up with new ones to complete the directory. or keep it organic since that's my jam too. i'll try to makes this quick and painless. this is lola daniels; the self proclaimed plant lady, and former on-air meteorologist for WHDH 7 news. raised in boston after being adopted, but lived her earliest earliest years in new bedford, mass. currently you can find her slacking through her meteorology gig at warren aviation, trying to play off as if she knows less than anyone else in reading and predicting climate variables and weather data for flight testing. 👀
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[Jul 9th 2017]


Hellooooo, Beautiful People of Lineart,

Now that RL is not attempting to murder me, I'm looking for lines for the one and only Hailey Gilmore, aka Hawk. She's living in Allston with her kid sister [info]deux and works days at NETA (a med mj dispensary). She does some freelance satire type stuff, but mostly she runs around Boston like an R-Rated Muppet looking for mostly harmless trouble and generally being an agent of chaos. She could use anything and everything. Brief timeline for help with plotting type stuff:

1986-2004, resident of Lexington, MA. Could use any fellow Lexington Kids who might have been part of her Merry Gang of Pranksters.

Fall '04 - Summerish '11, resident of NYC. She attended Columbia ('04 - '08), so would've been living uptown, and then hung around flopping around like a fish on a dock (but one that was enjoying itself) for a few more years before getting whisked back to Boston.

Fall 2011 - Early 2014, mostly trapped living with her parents with a few botched attempts at being an adult.

2014 - present, Allston with the sister face.

She needs any and everything!
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[Jul 9th 2017]


hello! i figured i'd write up a new lines post, because fresh face, fresh lines, all of that. this is dara gilmore, aka dove/dawn granger, a recent graduate of MIT's HASTS program. now that she's finished up her PhD, she's trying to enjoy funemployment while she embarks on a job search. she grew up over in lexington and has lived in the greater boston area for her entire life except for college, when she lived in DC to attend georgetown. she currently lives over in allston with her older sister, [info]andgoodluck, and after a few years of estrangement that was entirely dara's doing, she and hailey are very much the yin to the other's yang. she's pretty straight-laced and is the polar opposite of her older sister, but she cuts back in her own ways. her hobbies tend to be kind of bookish and nerdy, she spends a lot of time playing 'chopped' in her own kitchen, and when she gets really bored, she bakes. uh, she also secretly writes erotic chick lit under a pseudonym and self-publishes on amazon, where she has a small but steady following.

as far as lines go, she's best friends with [info]hellsgate and also has a bff/neighbor in [info]novastar. [info]cyberion and [info]coercive are also neighbors (and a few others?), and is also friends with [info]growled and [info]manteio. she could use pretty much anything and everything! more friends, people she'd from college or grad school, dog park friends, exes, etc., so if we don't have something, let's figure something out!
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what's your favorite sunday sweet treat? [Jul 9th 2017]

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[Jul 8th 2017]



so, before i apply him (i know this has to be done first) i wanted to at least pimp this poor scrubby soul out to all of you. this is alastar lyons, british made and born. he was raised in a family of wealthy professors who traveled the world and homeschooled him. he has been everywhere and enjoys the idea that there is so many different places he has yet to discover. he attended cambridge when he was 16 years-old, learned the arts and different languages (he can speak latin and russian fluently) and knows a little bit of greek. when he turned 18, he started down the path of their medical program. graduated at the age of 25 and worked overseas in new york for three years as the protege of a highly skilled neurosurgeon. there he would've met [info]magnetic and they kept in contact when he moved back to the united kingdom. over the course of 8 years, he became the top of his field in the uk and grew tired of seeing and doing the same things there. he needed adventure! so, he moved to boston (thanks to his horrid dart throwing skills and a map). he's been in boston for a year, dated [info]touches for a few months and has rather complicated association with americans. he cannot quite figure them out and hates that he can't. also, most of this is up in the air line wise!

his cv is charles xavier/professor x! i forgot to add that because my mind is insanely weird and forgetful. his other connection is with [info]fiery and she is the jelly to his peanut butter sandwich with [info]magnetic being the succulent bread... like i said i'm weird. anyways, women he's dated in britain who broke up with him because of his inability to be human. male and female friends. a few people who've come to him for help and future ideas? i also lost all of my ~pbads posts and am too lazy to dig through that place to find them. so, like my first post bring me your hopes and dreams you sexeh people!

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