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[Sep 20th 2017]


happy hump day! while i work on putting the finishing touches on her bio and making everything look pretty, i wanted to introduce dani trucco aka donna troy. she was adopted a few days after her birth and ended up in a military family that moved around until her father's untimely death, which caused her mother to pawn her off on her parents because everything became a little too much for her to handle. dani then lived with her grandparents in california before moving to the boston area in her teens. as a kid, she had way too much independence because while her grandparents were more than willing to put a roof over her head, they weren't keen on being parental figures. their hands off approach created a little monster who basically did anything and everything she wanted. college was a no go, despite her family's willingness to pay for schooling, because she didn't want to get tied down too soon. instead she made other terrible decisions and tied herself down by getting married really young. unsurprisingly that didn't last and eventually, dani decided to go to school and take life a little more seriously. she had an oops baby in 2015/2016 (still deciding) and her son keeps her pretty busy when she's not working. personality wise, she's a mostly reformed wild child with a penchant for brooding. her desire to be super independent and headstrong can border on obnoxious territory from time to time and her personal life is generally a hot mess express. she attempts to appear like she's always handling everything with no problems whatsoever, but occasionally she'll unleash actual emotions if 1. she's super close with someone and/or 2. there's an accidental outburst.

line wise, she's close childhood friends with [info]caped, met [info]aikido in high school and became good buds, lives in the same apartment building as [info]hellsgate which puts her in the same neighborhood as [info]growled. i'm also working out a family line with [info]hellenic and [info]prodigy but she most likely won't know they're related yet. she could use the father of her son (he doesn't have to know~) or her brief ex husband, job suggestions and something she can do part-time, friends, anyone she could've known from her bartending/waitressing days, fellow parents, exes and flings, cv stuff, random connections, whatever we can come up with!
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[Sep 20th 2017]



so hi! i lost my original pbads post and instead of making a new one i figured i had my ducks in enough of an order to post here! introducing miss sadie cartwright also known as cassie sandsmark/wonder girl in the cv. sadie is a native bostonian and only child, her mother owns an antique store in the city and her father (now deceased) was an anthropology professor at boston university. he passed away her senior year of high school (details TBD) and as a result sadie decided to throw away her free ride to BU and instead enrolled in cosmetology school. she now works as a stylist and really enjoys it although she is always battling the coulda-woulda-shouldas - just at the time she couldn't imagine attending a place that reminded her so much of her father nor could she break his heart by going to any other school. at 24 she still very much trying to figure out the adult she wants to be but she's getting there slowly but surely. personality wise she's more of a tom boy than appearances may suggest, she's a DIY queen, always late (and often confused on what day it is - she blames not having a 9 to 5), has a little bit of a food/weight complex due to a chubby phase as a kid and a fully self-aware (bi-sexual) serial monogamous (abandonment issues, y'all).

i hope to work on her bio today but in the mean time i'd love all the lines! friends, exes, clients, neighbors, a roommate or two... i think there is a ton of possibility here so even if they don't cross paths in cv i'm sure we can figure something out au!

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[Sep 19th 2017]


i've been having some trouble trying to figure out who to bring here, but i think i've figured out the perfect cv/au combo after waffling a bit. so, here you have sonya liu, counterpart to one lady shiva. maggie is at the for front of my pb hunt, but i'm definitely not completely settled on her yet if anyone else out there has suggestions. i'll take them! either way, she's a boston native, parents both immigrants who made ends meet with a restaurant in chinatown. she was born about five years after they arrived, the second child for the couple. sonya was always the type who was too clever for her own good. very book smart with the common sense to back it up. when she was in college, she took on an internship doing filing and clerical work for her uncle's law firm. through there, she met a private investigator and became fascinated by the job. to her, it was piecing puzzles together, which was always something she took quickly to. he ended up hiring her eventually, after her rather annoying persistence. flash forward about ten years down the road and he winds up dead while she takes over the business. sounds fun, right?

i really need to get cracking on her bio, but to make a long story short, she needs any and all lines. figured posting here might give me that kick in the ass motivation to get writing since after tomorrow i have my hands full til the weekend. um, if anyone wants to bring in cassandra cain, i would love her for a niece thing that could be really heavily detailed with some ideas i have floating around. most things with her can still be shuffled around, so let's talk lines and stuff. i know she at least has a handful of cv connections floating in the air here!
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[Sep 18th 2017]


hello everyone! i'm just going to apologize in advance for how bad i am at these but i'm going to keep this short and sweet since i took a million years writing her bio. this is charli moon aka silk! she's in her mid-20s (24 to be exact, turning 25 after christmas), currently works as a radio dj while trying her hardest to become a freelance artist. she's originally from new york but moved to boston sometime during her teen years because her father got a promotion, has a younger brother who's actually a teenager now. personality wise she comes off very sheltered and odd due to being homeschooled her entire life (except for college which she attended in boston) but once someone gets comfortable around her she's very friendly, talkative, warm. can be kind of motherly in the sense that she always worries about everyone else before putting herself first a lot of the time, she only means well but can come off quite cold or rude to those she doesn't know simply because she doesn't really understand how to make friends easily, definitely can't face her problems and always runs away from conflict instead of dealing with it thanks to how she was raised.

as for lines so far she knows [info]punycrawler as her little brothers baseball coach and she works with [info]eighties at radio bdc! obviously i'd love lines with all the spidey-verse people but other than that she could honestly use a lot of everything. i'd love to find a close friend/best friend that understands her better than anyone else, some neighbors, people who listen to her radio show (it's on late at night, think sometime between 11-1am), people she's tried to befriend but it probably didn't work out so well, a few short lived exes or past flings, a few friends she's made over the last couple years recently as well. of course i'm happy to brainstorm something with all of you lovely people if none of this strikes your fancy!
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[Sep 18th 2017]


hey, hi, and hello! I figured instead of stalking ~pbads (because I do that, no apologies) I'd come in here and make a post and see if I can get a bite or two! I was here for a teeny bit of time forever ago but I love Lois (and I miss you all) so I thought, "self, why not bring Lindsay back?" And I couldn't think of a reason why. SO, I present to you, (old name, new face!) Lindsay Lockhart, and as the alliteration would lead you to believe, her CV counterpart is (hopefully) Lois Lane. Lindsay here is a non-nonsense sort of lady. Creeping into her mid-30's, she's a investigative reporter that was recently bumped up to nightly news anchor at the Boston ABC affiliate, after years of being on the early morning news circuit (we're talking Early morning, Robin Scherbatsky style early.) While she'd like to think she was given the job thanks to her own merit, she knows that the jump to nightly news was made because she has a face for television, and is more than okay to use that face to get the story (ethics be only slightly damned.) She (like Lois) is from a military family, lost her mom at a young age and has a younger sister that she continues to have a tumultuous relationship with. She has a couple soft spots, but they are few and far between, one of them being her dogs and another? Peter Cetera's "Glory of Love." She enjoys going to yoga and while her hand to hand combat is a little rusty because she has no real desire to get into that kind of self-defense? She's one hell of a mean shot, try her.

Connection wise? She's got one to [info]caped as a fellow dog mom/once source for a story way back when, [info]rains as a once-fellow coworker and what I'm hoping can soon be friends? I'd love to get a few gentlemen that were failed dates because she is married to her job and was more than likely a wet blanket since having to be up before the break of dawn and on television means a lot of lunch dates and she's a lot less agreeable without a glass of wine in hand. She talks a lot and speaks quickly, always on the look out for the next great story. She's a two-time local Emmy award loser (something she'll never quite forgive herself for) and has great aspirations of one day breaking a huge national story and landing a prime spot hosting an award winning documentary. Until then? Boston's stuck with her. Fire at will, ladies and gents.
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narrative; [Sep 18th 2017]

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cmmunity spotlight [Sep 17th 2017]

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c'est la vie [Sep 17th 2017]

she said 'i know what it's like to be dead'
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[Sep 16th 2017]


Her bio is finally, finally done, so it's time to introduce you all to this little nutcase.

Everyone, meet Charlotte Little. She's 21 (turning 22 in November. Yup, she's a Scorpio woman, watch out!) She was born with a hole in her heart and was in and out of the hospital for the first few years of her life right up until she ultimately had to have surgery. All of this, as you can imagine, put strain on her parents emotionally and financially and all kind of peaked with her dad turning to white collar crime as a means of trying to safe his daughter/keep his family comfortably. He went to jail, her mom divorced him and packed Charlie up before heading to Walla Walla, Washington. There, Charlie met [info]missmartian and they bonded, while her mom met a new man and tried to create a happy little family, something Charlotte was having none of. Once Charlie her dad got out of Jail and she turned 14, she threw up two middle fingers and moved back to Boston to live with him and she's been here ever since.

She's a spitfire who is as stubborn and hard-headed as they come, and has a temper you don't want to get in the way of (though really it doesn't rear it's head very often). She knows what she wants and goes for it. Of course, that doesn't always mean she's really focused and driven. For most of high school she kind of coasted by on both her looks and her brains, then when she almost flunked out of her first year of college (because oh shit, this stuff is actually challenging), she kind of buckled down and got herself together again. She's in her senior year of MIT in Electrical Engineering and hopes to take over the world. At the same time though, she's the last one to take herself too serious and the first to kind of let down her hair and party when the opportunity comes up. She's can be a walking contradiction at times, either coming off larger than life or quiet as a mouse depending on where her moods take her (and how heavy her course load is).

Right now she lives with [info]kang and they really have a love-hate relationship and his brother [info]punycrawler raids their fridge fairly often. [info]prodigy is her science bro and one of Charlie's favorite people on the planet, basically. I might be forgetting some stuff and things and if I am, please remind me. Otherwise, let's make sweet, sweet lines, [info]lineart!
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[Sep 15th 2017]


I just submitted a bio change after reworking some of Alice who is actually also Dazzler. I figured this would be a good time to throw up a new SL post especially with the upcoming CV week to either brainstorm new lines and/or re-work/confirm old lines.

Anyways, this is Alice London. She's 30 years old and an Instagram fit model and DJ (much like Hannah Bronfman). Similarly to Dazzler, they both have great abs (LOL) and are famous in their own way . She moved to Boston when she was 18 to attend Boston University and just never left. To appease her father and having a slight interest in technology after touching her first mixer, she studied Computer Science. However, as a student, she mostly focused on competitively cheerleading, working and constantly switching part-time jobs, and DJing college parties. Ali was the epitome of "Cs get degrees." As an undergrad, she occasionally worked at [info]tsumes's B&B. Post-graduation, she worked for a cybersecurity firm for a little while and then as a personal assistant to [info]gadgetry all while just beginning to moonlight as a DJ at nightclubs and building her social media presence.

As far as her other lines go, she's friends with [info]touches and [info]fogo. Personality-wise, Alice is a flirt and serial dater, so her exes are [info]grafts and [info]magnetic while she has had flings with [info]destructible, [info]eighties, and [info]jotuns. I would really love for her to have more friends and anything else that we can think of.

If that wasn't enough for you, you can find her directory here! I'm open to anything and everything!
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[Sep 10th 2017]


Hey everyone! Coming in as your resident misunderstood villain Enchantress(Amora). If you don't know who she is, she's part of the Marvel Thor/Asgardian univers. Naomi is 35 and was born in Denmark but later moved to Boston for college. She has been a Boston local for the pass 13 years. She works with [info]jotuns as his second in command. She's the only child of two wonderful parents who died when she was 14. She blindly dated and married her high school sweetheart at 18, before she realize what she got herself into, it was too late. Her husband at the time was a bully and still is. When she moved to Boston for school, it was her escape from him. She is separated but not divorced as of yet. She's working on it while trying to balance a healthy and happy life.

She's lives it day by day, and rather be called creative or unique than beautiful. Naomi prefers to get her hands dirty by spends a lot of her free time painting, active workouts like; hiking, rock climbing, mud runs, or training for the Boston Marathon. If you think of it she will do it. Painting was her first love before it took a backseat to her work. She's also extremely passionate, honest, and loyal to those who she get close to. She might be from a small town overseas but she has a big city heart. She always says she was lured to Boston by a higher calling.

When it come to lines, I only have the one. So that would make me desperate to have more connections to fill Naomi out as a well rounded person. [info]jotuns is not only her co worker, but her ride or die forever friend. She met him while in college and the two have been inseparable ever since. If anyone needs a friend/acquaintance from college, neighbors, a yoga or workout buddy, she is your girl. I have an idea of a date that went wrong but turned out to be a better friend. She could use a person that is supportive of her artistic side. She is open for much more if you need her. I'm all about brainstorming and making a go of it. Let's have fun!
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[Sep 10th 2017]


So this is Patrick Reeves, your resident spider man. He's 31 and lives in the Chinatown district. Since he was three, he had been doing gymnastics. It just came natural to him. His parents pushed him to stay in, seeing a bright future which Patrick just had fun. In high school, he did baseball and photography on the side. His photography was published in his school yearbook and newspaper three years in a row. Most of his senior year of high school, he was in and out of high school with training for the 2004 olympics. After competing, Patrick decided to take a small break and not compete in worlds to focus on school. He studied Occupational Therapy and Health at Boston University, he focused both online and going to class. Never having time for an actual life. He also went back to competing from 2008 to 2012 with both Summer Olympics and World. After he finished the 2012 Olympics, he retired out. He was getting exhausted and missed seeing what friends he had left along with his family. Now he teaches health and is a high school baseball coach.

I know he has a few lines all ready built up which I apologize if I don't name them all. [info]kang is his brother, [info]prodigy is his faux little sister, [info]manteio is his ex from high school/best friend, [info]synanthrope is his neighbor, [info]watersheds fellow olympian, and [info]jotuns, [info]pool, [info]missmartian to throw out too. Again I apologize if I left you out.

I think it would be cool to have a weekend baseball team in the spring time, and thanks to [info]verdoyer for the idea. Dates, maybe an ex or two, flings, etc. for him.
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[Sep 8th 2017]


happy friday! before i do my finishing touches on her and apply, i wanted to get some more lines! this is penelope watts but if you call her that or penny she might kill you. she's gone by ellie for as long as she remembers and that's what she always prefers. she's 31 going on 32 and was born and raised in los angeles, ca. oh, her cv persona is hellcat! her mother is a comic book writer (based on louise simonson's career) and her mother also wanted her daughter to get in showbiz as soon as possible so she was a child actress and model growing up. this caused her to be really lonely and she didn't have a lot of friends because she was homeschooled and her mom kept her sheltered so comic book and video game characters became her friends. when she was finally old enough to tell her mother no she emancipated herself at sixteen, went to live with her dad (her parents divorced when she was still a baby) and she tried to live a somewhat normal life. she ended up marrying her high school sweetheart at the age of 18 and that was way too young to get married so they divorced and she moved back in with her father. she met another guy, fell in love fast and was married again at the age of 22. he was emotionally abusive toward her and she got out of that relationship when she was 26. they had moved across the country to new jersey and so she went somewhere where she didn't think he would find her, boston. so she's been there ever since. she opened up her high end boutique lingerie shop, the pretty kitty, two years ago thanks to all the money she put away for herself back in the day when she was working a lot. she's still pretty nerdy since she grew up around comic books and loves video games and comic books and all that kind of stuff. she's also really sweet, is willing to do anything for anyone else but if you cross her wrong, she's not afraid to fuck you up. after her second divorce she started taking martial arts classes for her own self defense so she can mess you up pretty good if she needs to. i have more specific stuff in her bio but i'm still working on getting more things in there!

i have worked out things with some people but could always use more lines! so far she has a close friendship/business partnership with [info]lockpick, a sibling type friendship with [info]missmartian, she stayed at [info]tsume's b&b when she first moved to boston and they forged a friendship, [info]rains occasionally comes into her boutique, she met [info]kang at a martial arts class and became friendly with him, i think [info]cyclone hit on her at a bar one night! but i need more! i'd love friends, gamer friends, customers at the boutique, people to go out dancing with, flings, exes in the past 5 years, awful tinder dates, idk what else but let's come up with something!
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